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Last Minute Halloween Costume: Porcelain Doll Makeup Tutorial

Halloween is almost here! If you're like me, you wait until the week before Halloween to figure out what your costume is going to be. I usually do something that matches what my daughter is wearing, and this year we decided she is going to be a porcelain doll. I thought that was cool and original, and a little personal because my mom has collected antique dolls for as long as I can remember.

For those of you (ladies) who still have no idea what you are going to do for a costume (or you just got invited to a costume party at the last minute), the porcelain doll is both easy and relatively cheap. With about $5 worth of face paint, a dress out of your closet, stockings, and heels, you have a simple and unique last-minute costume.

[Bad lighting, I know]
Here's a run-down of how I accomplished this look (simple and cute, no?)
I picked up the cream makeup and the face paint crayons for $1.50 each. I already had the makeup brush and makeup sponges. If you don't want to use the crayon face paint (or can't find it), an ordinary face paint kit will work, and you may want to add a smaller makeup brush for details (like the freckles). I also used my own ordinary black mascara, but if you want a more dramatic look and have the extra cash, false lashes would be a plus.
[Note: Make sure you read the warnings on the makeup packaging. For instance, the makeup crayons pictured above advise that you don't use the red or orange on or around the eyes, or the blue on or around the mouth. Safety first!]

Step One: Apply a thin layer of the white makeup all over the face and neck using a makeup sponge. Blend so it looks even.
[Do I look a little ghostly?]
Step Two: If your eyebrows are thick like mine, you will probably need to use a brow brush and go over them again with the white makeup. I also used the brush to fill in the lips (you want them as white as possible when you go on to step five).

Step Three: Mix a small amount of the white makeup and red makeup directly on the makeup sponge and apply along the cheekbones. Blend. Using a brown or black, draw a few scattered dots on the apples of the cheeks for the freckles. If you are using the makeup crayons, you may want to sharpen it first (you can tell I didn't, because the freckles are huge).

[I kinda like it, It's got a little bit of a cartoony vibe]
Step Four: Using the blue, line the entire top eyelid, and extend the outline slightly above the crease on the outer edges (as shown below). Fill in completely. Apply your false lashes and/or mascara, and eyeliner if desired.

Step Five: Using the red, draw a heart shape on the middle of your lips, using your natural lipline as a guide. I don't have much of a heart shape to my lips, so I extended it out a bit at the top. Fill in with a lip brush or your fingertip (this will help it last longer).
[very cute and doll like, no?]

Finish the look with a thin layer of translucent powder, so all your hard work stays put and Voila!

Do you have any other great last-minute costume ideas? Share them in the comments!

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  1. Love this! I found you on the "Get Pinned" party. I had to comment because I did something similar last year. Check out my doll face from 2012- we must be similar brained! Did your eyebrows get itchy 1/2way through the night? Mine sort of did.