Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dreaming of a DIY Wedding - Part 1

In this tough economy, the DIY (Do-it-yourself) movement is gaining a lot of momentum. This even applies to weddings! And if you're on a tight budget, like I am, doing a lot of things yourself (rather than having to hire a professional) can save you A LOT on your bottom line, and you will still end up with the dream wedding you always imagined. Lucky for us, there is a wide variety of info and inspiration available on the internet. To give myself a jumpstart on envisioning my dream DIY wedding, I checked out good ol' Pinterest.

If you don't use Pinterest, you can also do a Google Image search, but oftentimes Pinterest can lead you not only to the images, but to the how-to on those DIY projects. Here's just a sample of some DIY wedding decorations :

Baby's breath aisle décor - easy, elegant, and affordable.

Pretty paper wrapped around tin cans = fun and affordable centerpieces. Add some wildflowers to add to the look. This picture was actually taken from a baby shower, but this would also look cute wrapped in your wedding colors for a rustic or outdoor wedding.

Mason jar tealight holders - could be used in many ways as cheap and pretty décor. I'm definitely using something like this for my country/rustic themed wedding, but it really can add to the romantic atmosphere of any wedding, no matter the setting or theme. They are versatile and cost next to nothing- what more could you ask for?

Rope wrapped around a dollar store vase with flowers - an easy DIY and versatile. You could incorporate this for a beach theme, country/rustic, or pretty much any kind of outdoor reception. This was one of the first things I pinned when thinking about my own wedding reception.

Cute and simple - will definitely fit well into my country/rustic theme when painted in my wedding colors. Much better than solo cups!
[source unknown]

Wine glass centerpieces - simple yet very classy. I've seen several versions of this, it is very simple and easily adaptable - can change out the candles, flowers, or glassware for endless combinations, and it will definitely be a conversation-starter for your guests.

There are SO many more ideas out there, it would be impossible to list them all, but I hope I got some creative wheels turning with that little sneak-preview. Part 2 of this post will detail more money-saving DIY tips that I have compiled in my wedding research, and some that I have discovered on my own through trial-and-error and based on the advice of friends.

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